Eco-friendly carton package

The Vesi water is packed into an eco-friendly carton package that’s easy to recycle. The carton package protects water from the sunlight and preserves the taste of the water without giving any flavor to the delicate and fresh content.


low carbon footprint

Carton package materials have a low carbon footprint.

Emission as CO2 equivalents required for packaging one litre of water (the whole life cycle of the bottle)



Beverage cartons are recycled in over 100 mills worldwide.
In 2016, 47% of all beverage cartons sold in the European Union were recycled, with some countries having rates over 70%.


What is Kaslink?

Founded in 2001, Kaslink Foods Oy is a Finnish family business that produces cooking products, snacks and drinks. The company was founded by Raino Kukkonen and it is currently being run by his sons Tuomas, Matti and Juha-Petteri. Kaslink started its operations with sauces and has, since then, expanded its selection to drinks, oat-based products and dairy products.

You can find more information about the family business and the Kukkonen brothers in